Roads turn into rivers in Beijing after a typhoon

Roads turn into rivers in Beijing after a typhoon

Story: In some suburbs of Beijing, roads have become fast-flowing rivers.

This was the scene on Sunday in Wu’an City after heavy rains since the weekend.

Firefighters rescued this man who was stranded in his car in rushing flood waters.

Hundreds of roads in the country’s capital were flooded.

Posts on social media showed floating cars and road signs in Mintogo district being hit by fast-moving torrents.

This is where the remnants of Cyclone Duxuri dumped record amounts of rain on the city, nearly 22 million.

Two bodies were found in a river during an emergency patrol in Mintogo.

Rescue workers pulled hundreds to safety in other parts of the city.

At least two people were killed and hundreds trapped, though tens of thousands evacuated their homes overnight.

A mountain road in northern China’s Gansu Province collapsed as flood waters poured down on it.

Emergency personnel erected a rope bridge to evacuate two trapped workers.

Another road collapsed in a village in Fangshan District amid record rainfall.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes in the southern province of Fujian.

Beijing averaged seven inches of rainfall between Saturday night and Monday afternoon.

The maximum rainfall at a weather station in Mintogo was 23 inches, according to state media.

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