The French daredevil who climbed towers around the world is believed to have fallen to his death in Hong Kong

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A French man swooped to death from a high-rise apartment building in Hong Kong last week, police said Monday, and local media identified the stuntman, Remy Lucidi, as the daredevil.

Police said the body of a 30-year-old man was found in a courtyard in the upscale Mid Levels area of ​​the city. Police said he was believed to have been involved in extreme sports, without specifying his identity.

Officers conducted a preliminary investigation and said it appeared to have fallen from a rooftop. They said no suicide note was found at the scene. They added that the cause of his death would have to be verified at an autopsy.

Local media, including the South China Morning Post, said the man was Lucidi, 30. The newspaper quoted an unnamed source as saying that he was last seen alive, knocking on the window of a penthouse on the 68th floor of a residential tower on Thursday evening. The Associated Press has not been able to verify his identity.

Lucidi, who used the name “Remi Enigma” on social media, last posted a photo of a night view of Hong Kong a week ago on Instagram and tagged the location as Times Square in the Causeway Bay shopping district. The photo appears to be taken from above.

His supporters mourned him on social media.

Lucidi posted to Instagram while scaling several tall structures around the world and took selfies, including one he captioned, “Above the sky, 425m” and tagged Dubai as the location.

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