“This makes me very angry.”

"This makes me very angry."

Getting a flat tire is very frustrating, especially when it was caused by someone else’s trash.

One driver had a very bad day when a discarded vape punctured his frame, leaving it empty. venting about r / non-consumption subreddit, Redditor shared a photo of the collapsed vape causing the damage.

This very popular experiment is sparking conversations in the US and abroad.

Redditors on the prism due to the waste of disposable fumes and their potential to cause damage to vehicles and the environment. 1 commenter booksI see these littering the streets and squares all the time,” while many called for a ban on disposable products.

“Not buying disposable capsules and having large bottles of juice is much cheaper in the long run. The cheapest option is also the most environmentally friendly. There is no excuse for how wasteful most e-juices can be.” books hanging.

last Agreed“It’s much cheaper and much better for the world.”

In addition to harming the environment, littering on the roads can be inconvenient and expensive problem Just getting worse. Not only does it look bad, but garbage and debris can also cause it collisions With the cost of cleaning forced to rise.

Cleaning up trash costs Illinois taxpayers an average of $6 million annually, according to the AP News. In North Carolina, the cost of removing roadside trash has delayed multiple transportation projects. WRAL News reports.

Sharp metals aren’t the only danger from disposable e-cigarettes. Reports indicate that there are an increasing number of motorists heading to the garage for burnt or flat tires due to dropped e-cigarettes. Scottish Sun He explained, “Disposable vapors burn through the rubber because of the lithium inside.”

Lithium batteries found within thoughtlessly discarded fumes can be dangerous, with the metal in question being defined “as hazardous waste due to its toxic nature and tendency to ignite when damaged”. Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

On Reddit, one of the commenters books“I’m a little surprised you can drive over one without going supernova.”

One angry Redditor summed up the argument as say“Could you please throw it away… It’s not hard.”

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