A Republican admits that Biden’s witness to the exaggeration “didn’t know anything” about the alleged bribery

A Republican admits that Biden's witness to the exaggeration "didn't know anything" about the alleged bribery
James Comer Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

James Comer Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., admitted that the Republican witness he trusted most in their investigation of the Biden family’s business dealings “knew nothing” about Unverified claims President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have accepted millions in bribes.

House Oversight Chief James Comer and fellow Republicans raised a closed-door session with former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer as part of a growing Biden investigation that has yielded no actual evidence.

Archer said during the testimony, which lasted nearly five hours, that President Biden was not a party to any of his son’s business dealings and that Hunter only tried to sell the illusion that he was providing access to his father, the Democrats on the committee said. New York times.

Archer also said that President Biden met and spoke with his son’s international business partners several times as Hunter Biden tried to advance his business but did not discuss any business. Panelists told the Times that Hunter Biden put his father on speakerphone to talk to business partners about 20 times over the course of a decade.

Comer said Archer testified that President Biden was put on the phone to sell the family’s “brand.”

“Devon Archer’s testimony today confirms that Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings and that he was not involved,” Comer said in a statement.

The Times noted that Archer’s testimony also confirmed that Biden falsely claimed during the 2020 campaign that no one in his family received money from China even though Hunter and his business partners received millions from a Chinese company. He also repeatedly claimed in 2019 that he “never discussed” his son’s business dealings.

Legal experts were not impressed with the results.

“This is their best?” chirp National Security Attorney Bradley Moss.

Democrats on the committee say Archer testified that President Biden’s interactions were short and casual and focused on topics like the weather.

Archer “was unequivocal and stated very clearly that they never discussed any business in those telephone conversations which were courtesy. And there was a welcome. And there was talk of the weather or whatever it was, but it was never any business,” MP. Dan Goldman, DNY, to reporters.

Goldman added that Archer testified that Biden spoke to his son frequently after the death of his other son, Beau, in 2015.

“The witness describes in detail how devastating it was for both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and how their communications rebounded dramatically in the aftermath,” he said. “Because Joe Biden was calling his son to check on him, and Hunter Biden was calling his father to check on him. He had nothing to do with business. That’s the sum and substance of the testimony.”

Goldman also said Archer “categorically” denied allegations of bribery made by Republicans.

Biggs, who is pushing for an impeachment inquiry, acknowledged to reporters that Archer had no information on unverified claims from an anonymous whistleblower that the Bidens had accepted bribes.

“He didn’t know anything about it,” Biggs told reporters after the hearing.

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That hasn’t stopped Republicans from using the testimony to push for impeachment of President Biden.

“When Congress moved to impeach Richard Nixon, it was because they had evidence that Richard Nixon lied,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said after the interview. “When Congress moved to impeach Bill Clinton, it was because they had evidence that Bill Clinton lied about sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Today, with the testimony of Devon Archer, we have evidence that Joe Biden lied.”

But the White House fired back, arguing that the Republicans’ own witness had debunked their core allegations.

“Today’s much-touted House Republican witness appears to have testified that he never heard of President Biden discussing trade with his son or his son’s associates, or doing something wrong,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said in a statement to Mediaite. House Republicans continue to promise killer evidence to back up their absurd attacks against the president, but time and time again, they fail to deliver any. In fact, even their own witnesses seem to refute their claims. House Republicans should drop these stunts and work with the president on issues that really affect Americans’ everyday lives, such as continuing to cut costs, create jobs, and strengthen health care.”

Goldman said Monday evening that the investigation “should end now because what we’re doing is disturbing a private citizen, and there is absolutely no legitimate legislative purpose.”

“It’s really amazing to me,” he said. CNN. “This is the taxpayer-funded defense and political arm of Donald Trump.”

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