The new filing shows that Trump’s legal expenses are nowhere near as reported

The new filing shows that Trump's legal expenses are nowhere near as reported
Lindsey Didario/Reuters

Lindsey Didario/Reuters

early News reports From former President Donald Trump’s astronomical $40.2 million in legal expenses, it now appears to have fallen by about $20.1 million, or exactly half, according to the new Federal Election Commission. filing.

However, perhaps more notable was the financial condition of his former major PAC, “Save America,” which covered those fees. Save America finished the month of June, which was once a big fundraiser, with just $3.7 million in the bank — down $100 million from $103 million stash only a year ago – because legal threats are just that increasing in scope and intensity.

Prospective deposit appears about $20.1 million in legal costs, with approximately another $1.5 million in additional legal damages.

Donald Trump finally gets his Richard Nixon moment

Early news reports –its source From “people familiar with the file” – and the disclosure itself does not provide enough data to show where the error occurred. However, a seemingly neat middle split could indicate an accounting error—or, alternatively, it may have been intentionally unreliable or misleading. These fees seem to extend to a range of law firmsIt points to the financial support of a long list of potential witnesses in several cases — in addition to Trump’s own barrister.

Trump’s operation has spent so much on attorneys that they opened a separate legal fund on July 19. He reportedly asked the Trump-allied grand PAC to recover $60 million in suspicious transfers before announcing his nominee last fall.

the filing It also shows that Save America raised just $15.6 million in the first six months of the year while spending almost twice that amount – $30.2 million. But the accounting discrepancy may also reflect a systemic problem — Trump’s full operation also submitted more than two dozen corrected reports across multiple committees on Monday, since January 2021.

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