The American Airlines passenger mentioned after his ‘unreal’ outburst lives in a $2 million home and is a top marketing exec

The American Airlines passenger mentioned after his 'unreal' outburst lives in a $2 million home and is a top marketing exec
American Airlines home of the Dallas plane

Tiffany Gumas, the American Airlines passenger known for her explosiveness, lives in Lakewood, Dallas.Joe Raedel / Soleil C / Getty Images

  • The American passenger who was named after another passenger was accused of being “not real” lives in a million dollar house, In the New York Post.

  • Passenger Tiffany Gomas is said to be a successful marketing executive.

  • Gomas was removed from the flight after arguing with plane passengers over AirPods, per NYP.

The passenger who created dozens of memes for accusing another passenger of being “not real” on an American Airlines flight is said to live in a multimillion-dollar home in Lakewood, Dallas, according to a New York Post report.

The passenger has been identified as Tiffany Gomas, a marketing executive, according to the report, citing police documents.

Insider previously reported that Gomas, who was shown arguing with another passenger in the now-deleted viral video posted to TikTok, he was eventually removed from the flight. The flight was scheduled to fly from Orlando to Dallas-Fort Worth on July 2.

While Gumas’ reputation has been tarnished by her outbursts, she appears to be a successful marketing and marketing executive and business owner.

Gomas previously worked as Vice President of Customer Services at Elevate Brand Marketing, a marketing firm based in Dallas, According to industry publication PPAI Media. Gomas was also named to the publication’s 20 Most Recognized Young Leaders in 2017 – an annual list that highlights up-and-coming talent in the promotional product industry.

Gumas graduated from Oklahoma State University, according to PPAI Media. On a now-deleted LinkedIn profile, Gomas is listed as the owner of Uppercut Marketing, LLC, an advertising company. Ha Instagram account It is also set to private mode.

Gomas is said to live in an upscale neighborhood in Dallas. She owns a $2 million home in Lakewood, Dallas, NYP reports, citing public records. In June, the average home in Lakewood sold for an average price of $1.3 million.

Screenshot Tiffany Gomas

Screenshot of Tiffany Gomas’ now-deleted LinkedIn profile.screenshot / google

Gumas’ outburst was actually about her AirPods, according to NYP, citing police records. Gomas accused relatives she was traveling with on the American Airlines flight of stealing her AirPods, according to the report.

While Gomas was served a criminal notice for trespassing for disrupting the flight, she was not taken into police custody, according to NYP.

American Airlines and Gumas did not immediately respond to Insider requests for comment sent outside of normal business hours.

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