Retired judge predicts what’s next for Trump’s ‘Chatty Charlie’

Retired judge predicts what's next for Trump's 'Chatty Charlie'

A gag order was issued by former President Donald Trump in his country Election conspiracy caseA retired judge predicted Monday.

“I can see that coming because this guy just can’t shut up,” said the former California Supreme Court justice. Ladoris Hazard Cordell CNN’s Caitlan Collins said.

Cordell added, “You know, he’s a ‘talkative Charlie’ and he’s just going to talk and talk and he doesn’t really care about the rules that say you can talk or you can’t talk.”

Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric after his impeachment last week — including his warning on social media that “if you come after me, I’ll hunt you down” — included a reciprocal order preventing both sides from talking about certain elements of the case outside the courtroom, Cordell said.

But she warned that Trump, the Republican front-runner in 2024, would likely “violate it in a heartbeat, and then we’ll see what the judge does in terms of the consequences of violating another court order.”


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