See Inside Elon Musk’s $50,000 Home, Thanks to This Rare Photo Posted by His Biographer

See Inside Elon Musk's $50,000 Home, Thanks to This Rare Photo Posted by His Biographer
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An image shared with Insider in 2021 appears to show Boxabl delivering a Casita to SpaceX.Jorge Ramirez 9:44

  • Walter Isaacson shared a sneak peek inside Elon Musk’s $50,000 home.

  • The photo shows Musk’s kitchen and part of his living room.

  • The billionaire said in 2020 that he planned to “not own a home” and later said he was renting one from SpaceX.

Walter Isaacson gave people a glimpse of Elon Musk’s $50,000 home on Sunday.

β€œIn 2020, Musk decided to sell his Big Five and his primary residence would be in this spartan two-bedroom house in Boca Chica, Texas, where we would meet and he would sit at this wooden table and make phone calls,” Isaacson, who shadowed Musk for the bulk of the Three years , Books on Xthe platform formerly known as Twitter.

The biographer said he would explain why Musk decided to sell his other homes in his book about the billionaire, who would do so. It comes out on September 12th. The billionaire has said in the past that he wants to sell his holdings in order to help fund his plans for a day Build a colony on Mars.

The image appears to show Musk’s kitchen and part of his living room at his home near the SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.

In the photo from Isaacson, Musk appears to be holding a katana sword on the coffee table, as well as some sort of rocket-shaped object or sculpture, and what appears to be a bunch of toys. The Tesla “Plaid Mode” jacket, which Musk has been pictured wearing before, is hanging on a chair.

billionaire who is Science fiction lovershe has too attached A science fiction magazine called “Amazing Stories” is prominently displayed above his kitchen table.

Walter Isaacson shared a photo inside Elon Musk's house.

Walter Isaacson shared a photo inside Elon Musk’s house.Courtesy of Walter Isaacson

Here’s a better look at the poster on his wall, whose print is currently listed for $32.83. The cover art depicts Henry Gide’s sci-fi story, “Liners of Space,” with artwork showing mass transit spaceships β€” reminiscent of Elon Musk’s grand plans for SpaceX starship rocketwhich he said he eventually wants to use to transport people to and from Mars.

Screenshot of Posterazzi's menu for a file "Amazing stories" attached.

Posterazzi’s screenshot of the “Amazing Stories” poster, featuring the sci-fi story “Liners of Space”

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a sneak peek into Musk’s private life. last year , The Tesla CEO shared a photo On what appears to be his bedside table is an X – the photo included several cans of decaffeinated Diet Coke and what appeared to be two replica guns.

In 2020, Musk announce that he was “selling almost all of the material possessions. He wouldn’t own a home.” weeks later, Five of his homes are for sale on Zillow. Musk sold his last home for $30 million in 2021 after he said he started Rent a home in Texas SpaceX, which cost $50,000.

From the inside previously reported that a Boxable prefab house Called “Casita” it was delivered to SpaceX. At the time, Musk denied living in a modular home, saying he lived in a different tiny house in Texas. But in July 2022, he said he said on a podcast He owns Boxabl and uses it as a guest house.

Musk’s current accommodations appear to be less ostentatious than some of his previous homes, as the billionaire was known to be. Hosting lavish parties, including an event in the form of Gatsby. In 2020, an old acquaintance of Musk’s, Kanye West, shared a photo from Inside one of the musk houses. The photo showed the two men in what appeared to be a large room in front of a glass wall containing a life-size replica of a robot.

The billionaire is also believed to be building another home for himself in Texas, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal. Last month , I mentioned the post That a Tesla project that triggered an internal audit in the company could be a Glass house for musk. earlier this year, The magazine reported that Musk was building Company City Named “Snailbrook” in Texas and had plans to create a private compound for himself in the building.

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