Judge Eileen Cannon comes out swinging in favor of Trump — again

Judge Eileen Cannon comes out swinging in favor of Trump — again


More questions asked of Judge Eileen CannonFitness for the presidency Donald TrumpHigh-level classified documents on Monday after a South Florida federal judge rejected special counsel Jack Smith’s attempt to preserve “grand jury secrecy” through sealed filings.

In which to ruleCannon questioned Smith’s “legal decency” by using an “out-of-county grand jury to continue the investigation and/or seek hearings after the indictment”. It demanded that Smith explain why the plaintiffs had done so by August 22.

In a separate blow to Smith, Cannon also deleted two plaintiffs’ files — about potential conflicts of interest for defense attorney Stanley Woodward — from the record entirely.

While much of the Mar-a-Lago documents case is handled outside of Cannon’s South Florida district, part of the grand jury work prior to Trump’s indictment was done by a D.C. grand jury, which Cannon appeared to be at a loss for.

Former US Attorney Joyce Vance Books online on Monday that Canon’s latest order “may address the question of its suitability for this case.” Andrew Weissman, former Assistant US Attorney, Suggest the same– Writing Canon request “off base”.

Judge Cannon clearly shows her ignorance (bias? Both?); “The investigated obstruction crimes are charges that could have been filed in (Florida) or D.C. and therefore could be investigated in either county,” he wrote on Twitter. Conduct that allegedly occurred outside of (Florida).

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