Reportedly, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner want to return to Donald’s inner circle following the release of this new report

Reportedly, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner want to return to Donald's inner circle following the release of this new report

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Although they tried hard to distance themselves from the former US President Donald TrumpIt seems Ivanka Trump And her husband Jared Kushner There may have been a change in attitude recently – all allegedly due to one report.

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In a recent opinion article from Vanity Fair, it blended the opinion of author Gabriel Sherman and new reporting that sheds great light on the family. Allegedly trump The author and Kushner “have been more visible lately, fueling speculation that the couple could play an active role in Trump’s 2024 campaign.”

This comes as quite a shock considering Ivanka made a public announcement that she would be, too Disassociate themselves from Trump and politics to focus on her family. However, a former Trump administration official said Vanity Fair The latest poll numbers have Ivanka and Kushner rethinking their original choice.

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“Now that the president has advanced by 40 points, of course, Jared pretends to be involved. If he becomes president again, Jared needs to protect his land, especially in the Middle East.

However, another source said that while that may be the case, Kushner remains focused on his own business. They claimed, “Jared thinks the team running the campaign are doing a great job and has no intention of getting involved. He’s laser-focused on his family and His business grows. “

While they seem to still remain Strong on apolitical lifestyleRecent reports and accounts of Ivanka walking into the meetings say otherwise. Indeed, people are convinced there may still be wiggle room for Ivanka and Kushner to come back, front and center along with home alone 2 Star comes election time.

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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

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