Rep. Tricia Cotham, the North Carolina abortion traitor, has been a Republican plant this whole time

Rep. Tricia Cotham, the North Carolina abortion traitor, has been a Republican plant this whole time
Screenshot: YouTube/Queen City News (fair use)

Screenshot: YouTube/Queen City News (fair use)

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Epic North Carolina Representative. Tricia Cotham (R) Strange: It was Voted for choice A Democrat who revealed in 2015 that she had a medically necessary abortion, then won her old seat in November 2022 only for glitches for the GOP in April and gave the GOP the overwhelming majority they’ve been accustomed to passing Abortion ban. Now, new reports show that local Republicans urged her to run as a Democrat — tricking voters in her very blue district of Charlotte into thinking she strongly supports abortion rights — and have been planting the seeds of her party change for months.

On Sunday, f The New York Times mentioned That both Republican Speaker of the House Tim Moore and Republican Majority Leader John Bell encouraged her to run in the Democratic primary in the spring of 2022. times She described it this way: “Republican leaders nurtured her before she ran, and seeing her growing alienation (from Democrats), they seized the opportunity to coax her across party lines.”

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Former Cotham members painted a picture of a woman who thought the Democrats were mean to her. Longtime counselor Jonathan Coby said she was upset after the gun vote. She said, “I will change parties or I will resign.” He remembers. “The things she would say to me then were like, ‘The Democrats don’t like me, the Republicans have helped me a lot and have been nice to me.’” (Kobe said similar Lacey Williams, former advocacy director for the Charlotte-based Latin American Coalition, said Cotham “felt like she wasn’t getting the gratitude or the spotlight that she felt she deserved.”

In January this year, Cotham Co-sponsored Codification Bill Roe v. Wade In state law, but Gillian Riley, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, told times that Cotham refused to meet with the group and did not take their phone calls. It showed the leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, Robert Reeves times Text exchanges between him and Cotham were described by the newspaper as friendly. “It never occurred to me that she was having problems,” said Reeves.

behind in 2015On the House floor, Cotham spoke about her medically necessary abortion of an ectopic pregnancy. After a leaked draft showed the Supreme Court was ready to overturn it ruShe said in Twitter that she would be “unwavering and intolerant” in her support of abortion rights. But after changing her party, she votes twice Abortion ban After 12 weeks, pass it on first and then again transcend Governor’s veto.

In June, she was embittered to say that she “Still the same personand claimed that she had never been such a staunch abortion advocate. “With miscarriage, it wasn’t an issue I was always there for at all,” she said. for every the News and Monitor. A week later, she continued her valiant attempts to rewrite history by word of mouth She did not have an abortion. “I had a miscarriage, and in medical terms a miscarriage is called a spontaneous abortion,” she told a radio host. “Instead of saying — first of all, they shouldn’t even talk about my abortion, it’s so painful and wrong — but repeating this message that I had an abortion, and it’s wrong.”

But in 2015, when Cotham shared her experience in the House of Representatives opposing a bill that would restrict abortion, she used very different language, saying she had experienced a “physician-assisted abortion.” This is certainly not a spontaneous occurrence. Cotham even appeared in June 2015 time story On lawmakers who talk about their abortions.

Now, thanks to the whims of a mercurial lawmaker who was courted by the GOP, abortion is less accessible to North Carolinians and Millions of people across the south.

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