A judge sets Trump’s attorney on fire over a desperate attempt to block General Assembly impeachment

A judge sets Trump's attorney on fire over a desperate attempt to block General Assembly impeachment
Donald Trump Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

Donald Trump Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

A Georgia judge on Monday rejected former President Donald Trump’s bid to halt the investigation of Fulton County grand jury Fanny Willis into his efforts to challenge the legality of the 2020 presidential election.

Fulton County senior judge Robert McBurney, who oversaw Willis’ investigation for more than a year, said in a lengthy report: to rule That Trump and his legal team can do nothing to quash the investigation because he has not been charged.

“(What) although being exposed to (or even being the target of) a highly publicized criminal investigation is likely an unwelcome and unpleasant experience, no court has ever determined that this situation alone provides a basis for courts to interfere with or stop the investigation,” he wrote. McBurney.

Willis recently referred to They will have finalized a decision on possible criminal charges within a month. McBurney indicated that whenever she chose to do so, it would be the right time for Trump to refute the legal actions that led to the presumptive charges.

“Guessing what that image might look like before connecting the investigative dots may be a popular game for the media and the blogosphere, but it is not an appropriate role for courts and formal legal arguments,” he wrote.

in margin, The judge noted the former president’s attempts to turn his legal troubles into “golden political capital, making them seem more caring than problematic,” in the manner of “Rumpelestiltskin.”

“While both sides have done enough talking, posting, tweeting (“X’ing”?), and press conferences to push (and perhaps extend) the limits of the Georgia Code of Professional Conduct … neither mover indicated any averages of the female attorney,” the judge wrote. The district or its team of attorneys express belief that Trump … is guilty of or has committed this or that crime.”

Although the judge acknowledged the possibility of a wrongful indictment to prove reputational damage, he wrote that “a wrongful indictment is no laughing matter; often resulting in serious and irreparable harm to the person accused, Trump’s excessive accusations of prosecution overreach and judicial error Do so. It is not enough to prove a significant risk of an “unlawful” charge.

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Georgia State University Law Professor Anthony Michael Kress male McBurney is usually “uncompromising and very careful with his orders” but the ruling shows he is “clearly indignant at the unsubstantiated allegations of the Trump team”.

Chris also underlined another footnote to show how “displeased” the judge was with Trump’s lawyers, with McBurney bluntly advising Trump’s legal team, writing, “In the future, counsel is encouraged to follow the professional standard of inquiring with chamber staff about timing and deadlines before holding other courts to unfounded and unnecessary legal findings.”

Is Trump tired of losing yet? chirp Former Watergate District Attorney Gil Wayne Banks.

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