MSNBC Anchors Are Cracking Up On Ron DeSantis’ Latest “Cringeworthy” Moment

MSNBC Anchors Are Cracking Up On Ron DeSantis' Latest "Cringeworthy" Moment

MSNBC Anchors Mehdi Hassan and Ayman Mohieldin exploded on Sunday as they dissected some of the embarrassing and noteworthy moments that have plagued struggling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in 2024.

DeSantis “can reboot his campaign as many times as he likes, but his campaign can’t change the fact that he himself is a charmless, charismatic, humorless, deadpan, spammy, antisocial territory of a presidential candidate,” Hasan said. .

“No wonder he’s 30 points behind,” he added.

Current polls put former President Donald Trump in first place in the GOP race with 52.4 percentage points and DeSantis in second place with 18.4 points.

Mohyeldin said watching DeSantis do “retail politics” was “painful and disturbing”. “This was the man the Tories said would be the future of the party and yet he couldn’t even pretend he could be associated with.”

Watch the video here:

And a good analysis of DeSantis’ campaign here:


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