He ruthlessly confronted Mitch McConnell as he spoke to chants of “Retire!”

He ruthlessly confronted Mitch McConnell as he spoke to chants of "Retire!"
Kevin Worm/Reuters

Kevin Worm/Reuters

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was repeatedly interrupted by jeers during his breakfast speech at his Kentucky home on Saturday, for what seemed to be his entire appearance.

while the News agency He describes how McConnell “arrived to a long standing ovation,” and “received a standing ovation from the party faithful,” and was also booed when he told the audience that he and his wife, Eileen, were “really excited to be back” at the 143rd Annual St. Jerome Posh Ranch Picnic, where he appeared Approximately 20 speakers are Democrats and Republicans. The picnic traditionally marks the beginning of the fall campaign season.

McConnell appeared to bear the brunt of the crowd’s wrath, with chants including “Shame on you,” “Get rid of Mitch,” “Retire,” and “You lose the Senate,” ringing through the packed arena as he spoke. McConnell, apparently not disturbed, running without acknowledging the hostile reception. The Associated Press cites the Democrats for leading the mass insurrection.

“Guys, I’ll be honest, it’s not hard for Republicans to look good these days,” McConnell could be heard booing.

Well, this is my 28th fantasy farm, and I can assure you it won’t be my last, McConnell added. The comment seemed to confirm speculation that he won’t be retiring anytime soon after the recent concerns surrounding him health—especially after the Senate Minority Leader Apparently froze mid-sentence while speaking to reporters last week. This was the only hint he made in his recent health battles.

During his speech, McConnell stuck to script, failing to discuss national issues, or Donald Trump, who was only this weekend. described McConnell at an event in South Carolina as “perhaps the worst leader in the history of our country to run the Senate.” The former president also urged him to “step up and do something” to help him fight his latest legal battles.

Trump: ‘They have a thing about Mitch McConnell’ smoker.

“It’s a terrible thing that’s going on with this guy and with everyone…they have to step up. The house is going up, they’re working hard and they’re going up and I think a lot of things happen but we’ll see.”

During his speech, McConnell instead focused on increasing pork prices and Democrats who are “turning their backs on rural America” ​​while praising Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is challenging Democratic Governor Andy Beshear.

“I’ve watched it over the years,” McConnell said amidst the chaos. “And now you have it. And I’ve seen his leadership skills and his ability to rally people together.”

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