Florida man brings C8 Corvette to a fistfight

Florida man brings C8 Corvette to a fistfight

Do not use your car as a weapon.

While most of the frenzy happening in Miami Beach lately has come from the spring break crowd, an incident involving a nurse trying to use his device C8 Corvette to Winning a fist fight It overshadows the usual festivals. According to a local news report, a witness recorded video of the fistfight that he said erupted when a man walking his dogs across the street felt the driver of a C8 Corvette run a red light, putting him and his animals in danger.

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Cell phone video recorded by that witness shows a man in a uniform, said to be a nurse, being hit hard by the man with the dogs. After being outmaneuvered, the nurse drove away only to get into his mid-engine sports car, turn, then drive onto the curb and hit the other guy with his Chevy.

This witness thought the fight ended when the nurse walked away, so he didn’t take video of the C8 Corvette driving down the sidewalk. However, the local news report said the other man was seriously wounded in the leg, though the dogs were thankfully unharmed.

Also in the local news report: Nurse claims dog-walker kicked his Corvette while that guy was crossing the street. Now the nurse has been arrested and has a court date in May.

Like many road rage incidents, that was it escalation. Since we only have accounts of what allegedly happened, we’ll have to get rid of these accounts for now. If accurate, the C8 Corvette may have trespassed on the crosswalk as the dog-walking guy was in it. The dog walker could escalate things by kicking the car, then the nurse would take it a step further by parking and getting off the car, and so on and so forth.

The catch here is that if someone is wrong on the way, yelling at them and especially getting out of your car is a bad idea. Even worse is using your car as a weapon.

Source and photos: WSVN

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