“A lot of it is a lie.”

"A lot of it is a lie."

A Reddit user captured the moment when their efforts to follow local recycling rules fell through thanks to the actions of a local waste collector.

The Redditor described how their city required that paper and cardboard be separated from their main recycling collection, but surveillance footage on their property showed their compliance may not have been as appreciated as they had hoped.

camera I picked up the video From the waste collector he simply collects all the paper and cardboard that the homeowner has sorted for recycling and throws it into the bin with the rest of the materials. Then they put it together in the truck.

Other users shared their frustration with the seemingly all-in vain recycling efforts on the post, which was originally shared to the Mildly Infurating subreddit.

“Unfortunately, a lot of recycling is a lie,” one Redditor He said. “That’s how it often goes,” added last.

Recycling seems like the easiest way to do your homework to reduce the amount of household waste going to landfill. There are different rules for recycling programs depending on where you live, so it’s undeniably frustrating trying to follow the guidelines — but it seems the memo didn’t get to everyone.

According to the United States Environmental Protection AgencyPaper and paperboard are among the most commonly recycled materials, making up 66.5% of the 69 million tons of municipal solid waste recycled in 2018.

While the video may encourage skepticism about recycling efforts, there are tangible benefits, especially when it comes to paper and cardboard. The same EPA report He explained that the 46 million tons of materials recycled in 2018 saved 155 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution — roughly the same as removing pollution from 42 million cars on the road in a year.

Although this wasn’t the biggest problem the video showed, according To one Redditor: “I’m even more upset about where he left the can.”

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