Far-right snowflakes can’t beat this Woke Razor company

Far-right snowflakes can't beat this Woke Razor company
The Daily Beast/Instagram

The Daily Beast/Instagram

A slew of ultra-conservatives on social media have — once again — fired a shot against Harry’s Razors, but the outrage this week strangely came after the “woke” company partnered with a transgender influencer on a campaign launched more than a year ago. .

On June 28, 2022, Luke Wesley Pearson, a transgender man, posted a video to Instagram of his first Pride Facial Hair Month.

@Harry and their sister brand @meatflamingo work with @ohnilislean LGBTQ+ artist, to design this year’s Face & Body Grooming Collection,” Pearson said. “And the best part? 100% of the profits from the collection are donated to @trevorproject. Feeling handsome and proud to be who I am every day of the year. #HarrysPartner. “

More than a year later, the post caught the attention of die-hard fanatics on Twitter, the platform now known as X, and a flurry of consumer right-wing pitchforks followed.

“Harry’s Razors has partnered with a ‘transgender man’ (female) to promote their line of razors,” account End Wokeness on Saturday wrote in a series of posts that have nearly 4.9 million views. “100% of the profits from this group go to The Trevor Project, which promotes sex surgery to minors.”

the Trevor Project It is a mental health resource center for LGBTQ+ youth, and states on its website that its mission is to “end suicide among LGBTQ+ youth and questioning”.

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End Wokeness also put together a clip of Harry’s Razors CEO Andy Katz Mayfield talking about parental leave policies. (Cats Mayfield first mentioned that Policies in 2017 when he made it clear that all fathers, regardless of their role, should be given equal leave).

“Here’s the CEO of Harry’s Razors,” Quit waking up chirp. He calls the parents “childless parents.” He says the company is “socially minded.”

On par with previous anti-waking boycotts, social media trolls have stepped in.

“Razorharrys is trying to get more customers by promoting young women with severely disfigured and scarred,” anti-transgender activist Kelly Jay Kane chirp. “No man in my house would ever use such a disgusting brand. Damaged women may not be promoted as your campaign material.”

“Harry’s Razors partnered with a ‘transgender man’ (female) to promote their line of razors?!?!” Contributor to Turning Point USA Graham Allen chirp. “Stop giving your money to these horrible companies!!!! End this madness with your wallet!!”

The late rage was a suspiciously opportune PR opportunity for Jeremy’s Razors, a supposedly anti-wake-up company started by The Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boring in 2021 after Harry dared stop advertising with conservative media over her views on sex. and sexual orientation. (The Daily Wire Podcast hosts They also made a note of blowing Harry’s blades at their performances.)

When will these companies learn? bud lightAnd Goaland now Harry is tripling over their awake agenda,” Jeremy Blades chirp. “Wake up, bust.”

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But according to Rolling StoneJeremy’s code didn’t work well, causing a lot of negative, half-hearted feedback. Facebook reviews consistently talk about “terrible” quality and customer service, giving the company a 2.6 out of 5 average score.

A number of companies have recently drawn ire from right-wing critics over their alliance with the LGBTQ+ community. Goal He was thrown under the conservative bus for baby pride clothes in June, prompting some drinkers to vow to find a new beer in April after bud light Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has appeared in an ad, and A.J Hershey A campaign featuring a transgender social justice worker pissed people off.

According to the Harry’s Razors website, the company donates one percent of its profits to providing mental health services for men.

We do this because, in fact, it is nothing less than an epidemic: men are disproportionately affected by suicide. Each of our partners serves vulnerable men in different ways,” the site says while also listing several organizations that support black and colored men, veterans, and survivors of domestic violence.

Harry’s Razors did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment Monday.

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