Cannon dares Court to replace her after “Out Swinging” in Jack Smith’s new arrangement

Cannon dares Court to replace her after "Out Swinging" in Jack Smith's new arrangement
Jack Smith Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Jack Smith Drew Angerer/Getty Images

US District Judge Eileen Cannon, appointed by Trump to oversee the classified documents case, came out “swinging in front of special counsel” Jack Smith on Monday, Stupendous Two sealed motions filed by Smith’s team direct him to address legal suitability for an “out-of-district grand jury” that continues to investigate the case, Politico’s Kyle Cheney mentioned. “Among other issues raised in the application, the response must address the legal propriety of using an out-of-district grand jury to continue the investigation and/or seek hearings after the indictment on matters relevant to the matter immediately indicted in this county,” a judge fl books.

Legal experts have raised concerns about the ruling. “Sounds like a good week to ask the Eleventh Circuit to replace the judge,” chirp Former US Attorney Joyce Vance. “If the Department of Justice has filed under seal of certain documents, and Judge Cannon has just disclosed the existence of secret grand jury proceedings, we may be at the point of proposing that the Department of Justice step down,” added MSNBC Legal Analyst Katie Fang. “I bet Judge Cannon’s account of the out-of-county investigation isn’t the full story. But it’s hard to see how she could justify not sealing her order with reference to another grand jury. Could this be a possible avenue to take her and seek her recusal? It remains to be seen.” books Former US Attorney Harry Littman.

Bloomberg Zoe Tillman male Smith’s team previously confirmed that they continue to use grand juries in Washington, D.C. and Florida following Trump’s indictment to “investigate further obstructive activities.” But former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who served on Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s team, He said Cannon’s ruling “shows her ignorance (bias? Both?)” The “obstruction offenses investigated are charges that could have been brought at the FLA or in Washington, and could therefore be investigated in either county. There was conduct that allegedly occurred outside FLA”.

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