Ari Melber Blames Trump Co-Conspiracy Lawyer Over ‘Very Easy Question’

Ari Melber Blames Trump Co-Conspiracy Lawyer Over 'Very Easy Question'

A lawyer who is a central figure in Donald TrumpHis coup attempt has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the former president’s loss in the 2020 elections.

First and foremost, Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Do you accept that fact? ” MSNBC‘s Ari Melber asked at the beginning of an interview with Charles Burnham on Monday.

Burnham represents John Eastman, an attorney who has been defined as one of six unindicted co-conspirators named in Trump’s federal indictment last week.

He did not answer the question.

“Well, a large part of the country has issues with the 2020 election. There is still a discussion about the things that happened,” Burnham replied.

Melber responded by saying, “A large part of the country believes in ghosts or horoscopes.” “I ask you, would you accept the election results that Donald Trump lost?”

Burnham dodged again.

“I’m only here as a lawyer representing a client. But the important thing is,” he continued, as Melber interrupted.

“I want to give you the chance to answer,” Melber said. “It’s an easy question to answer. If you can’t answer it, I have other questions.”

Burnham still wouldn’t say, confining that his “personal opinions are neither here nor there.”

Eastman was identified in the media as the second unnamed co-conspirator in Trump’s indictment, described in the document as “a lawyer who devised and attempted to implement a strategy to take advantage of the vice president’s ceremonial role in overseeing the certification process to obstruct the certification of the presidential election.”

The indictment details a January 4, 2021, phone call in which the second co-conspirator pressured then-Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Rusty Powers (R) to decertify the state’s election results, which were won by President Joe Biden.

His client had not received a targeted letter, Burnham told Melber, “and we hold very dearly to the hope, perhaps even expectation, that he will not be charged. Our position has always been that he committed no crimes.”

Trump is charged with four felony counts over attempting to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election in his favour, including conspiracy to defraud the government, conspiracy to obstruct the certification of electoral votes, and conspiracy against one’s right to vote. calculated.

Watch the interview below.


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