A Virginia business owner is under fire for racism after crashing into an Asian woman’s car

A Virginia business owner is under fire for racism after crashing into an Asian woman's car


A fireplace shop owner in Great Falls, Virginia, is under fire for his racist behavior towards an Asian woman after crashing her car.

What happened: The woman, who filmed the altercation, accused Charles “Chuck” Lago, owner of Aspen Green Gasworks, of crashing her car while at a red traffic light.

the woman wrote in a statement her friend uploaded to Tik Tok.

The woman said she got out of her car to assess the situation. However, LaGoe allegedly accused her of causing traffic and ordered her to the side of the road. When the woman called the police and asked LaGoe for his information and insurance, he started yelling at her and saying he had to leave to pick up his daughter.

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“I realized I couldn’t reason with this person, so I immediately called 911 for help,” said the victim, adding that LaGoe’s behavior may have been due to alcohol consumption.

LaGoe can be heard in the video making derogatory and racist remarks, including calling her a “f*cking dumb gook” and telling her to speak English even though she really was.

@peonnguyen42 #Great Falls – I do not want to publish it here, but his position was unacceptable. This is why I am sharing this with everyone so if his friends and family see this. Today I got into a car accident. This guy slammed my car hard from behind as I stopped at a red light. His car hit me so hard that I hit my head on the steering wheel and the car drove towards it. When I go out to talk to him about what happened, he then starts acting up and saying something racist to me while I’m trying to get his information. Then he tried to make up an excuse to take his daughter and I am calling the police and I want to run away.! What will you do in this situation??? 😭😟👹 Virginia Court # Virginia #dmv #Washington, DC # Oh, Lord #racist #racism # Maryland ♬ original sound – peomy

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The white man is above the law. Although it is currently unclear how the situation was handled by the police, social media users were immediately able to figure it out. Get to know the guy And his work.

X users criticized LaGoe and expressed outrage over his racist behavior towards Asian women.

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“This is unacceptable behavior from an old man. He clearly only respects white women,” said one user He said.

Another user “white man above the law” books.

Interaction has also been uploaded to YoutubeViewers condemned “Male Karen’s” disrespectful and privileged behavior.

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negative reviewsLaGoe’s Fireplace Store was also targeted by some netizens, with several people leaving negative reviews on Aspen Green Gasworks and Google review pages.

“This company is rubbish. Anyone who continues to support people like the racist landlord is just as horrible as he is,” per one reviewer, according to sportskeeda.

“His xenophobic owner and most likely the staff as well. Watch his behavior on TikTok. YUCK!!! He should be ashamed,” another reviewer said.

Since then, Google and Yelp have disabled business-specific reviews.

LaGoe has not yet publicly commented on the incident.

About Aspen Green Gasworks: LaGoe’s work, which was It was created in 2007Showroom in Herndon and Arlington County. Aspen Green Gasworks is known for its gas fireplaces, gas grills, stoves, and tankless gas water heaters.

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