A Texas couple died in their home after their air conditioning went out during a sweltering heat wave

A Texas couple died in their home after their air conditioning went out during a sweltering heat wave
Fence installer Michael Gillespie works in the sun on Monday, July 24, 2023, in Richardson, Texas.  Meteorologists say the scorching temperatures created by the heat dome have taxed the Texas power grid and threaten to hit record levels for the state.

Texas has been extremely hot this summer.News agency

  • A Texas woman said her parents were found dead after their air conditioner broke down during a heat wave.

  • Roxana Floods said air conditioning companies should let people know they’re “staying inside an oven” when their air conditioner breaks.

  • In June, the Houston area was hit with its first overheat warning since 2016.

The couple’s daughter from Texas who died scorching heat Air conditioning companies say to warn people about the dangers of staying inside a hot home.

Ramona and Monoe Eason were found dead inside their mobile home in the Houston suburb of Baytown, Texas, on June 16, According to KTRK. Houston also had her first Overheat warning Since 2016 on June 16, in the name of heat wave Crossing the southeastern United States Inn, according to Houston Public Media.

The Houston area is currently under an overheating advisory National Weather Service. The agency warns that temperatures could rise to 105 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

“Extreme heat and humidity will greatly increase the likelihood of heat-related illness,” the NWS warned.

At least seven people have died in Harris County, Texas, since June 2023 from a heat-related illness, According to KRTK.

Roxana Floods, the couple’s daughter, told the outlet her parents’ air conditioner broke down on June 12, but they didn’t have the money to fix it, and they spent the week taking out a loan.

Floods said her parents — who grew up without air conditioning — scheduled the repair for June 16 and bought the fan, thinking it “would be fine.”

“I would like something to be created with these big (air conditioning) companies to warn people about how dangerous this heat can be,” she told the outlet. “If they don’t have the money to fix their air conditioner, to tell them they are literally staying inside the oven.”

A county medical examiner declared the couple dead inside the home where a repair technician broke into the driveway on June 16, according to KTRK.

“They were gathering their things to leave,” Floods told the outlet. “The way it was found, I think they decided it was just too hot and it was too late to go.”

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