A snake fell from the sky on a woman in Silsby, Texas, while she was mowing the lawn — and was then attacked by a hawk

A snake fell from the sky on a woman in Silsby, Texas, while she was mowing the lawn — and was then attacked by a hawk
Extreme close-up of a red-tailed hawk with a garter rattlesnake in its claws, seen in the wild in Northern California

A red-tailed hawk carrying a snake in its claws, seen in the wild in Northern California.rancho_runner / Getty Images

  • Peggy Jones was on her tractor mowing her yard in Silsby, Texas, when a snake fell from the sky.

  • The snake wrapped tightly around her arm and hit her face as she tried to rip it off.

  • The hawk swooped down and scratched her arm until he managed to drive the snake away.

A woman in Silsbee, Texas, was mowing the lawn on Tuesday when a snake fell out of nowhere and pounced on her – only to be followed by a hawk that pounced on it and attacked both of them.

Peggy Jones recounted the terrifying ordeal of the local executor KPRC TV. Jones said she was on her tractor mowing her backyard when A.J snake She landed on it and wrapped herself around her arm, squeezing hard.

“I was mowing on our property when out of the sky, out of the clear blue, a snake fell onto my arm,” she told KPRC.

Jones said she tried Undo the snake but hold it tight She started hitting her face and banging her glasses. As she tried to wave her arms to dislodge the snake, a hawk drifted down and began scratching her arm “over and over” as he tried to catch the snake.

“I kept saying, ‘Help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus,’” she said, adding that the hawk dived about four separate times before it was finally able to snatch the snake.

“Finally he got the snake and took off with the snake, and I looked down and I was covered in blood, and my arm was pretty much lacerated,” she told KPRC, adding that she also had “venom” all over the right lens of her glasses.

The pictures published by the director showed that her arm was covered in cuts, blood and bruises. Jones’ husband took her to the hospital, where the doctors didn’t believe her story. She didn’t have any serious injuries, but said she was scarred for life from the accident.

It’s unclear what kind of snake it was, but Jones said she thinks the hawk may have dropped it on her. Hawks mainly feed on small mammals, such as squirrels or mice, but they have also been known to prey on snakes. Red-tailed hawk They are particularly adept at catching snakes, and will even consume venomous snakes, such as rattlesnakes.

Brian Hughes, owner Rattlesnake Solutionstold Insider, the hawk most likely grabbed and dropped the snake as it was flying away, causing it to land on Jones.

“He fell on the woman and hung on her because this was a frightened and wounded animal,” he said. Then he swept the bird down to finish what he started.

He added that it is common for hawks to catch snakes, but sometimes the bird may bite off more than it can chew. In those cases, the hawk may drop the snake, or end up being swatted by the snake. Hughes himself had seen a gopher snake seemingly fall from the sky, and landed on the ground 20 feet before him, only to look up and see a hawk flying overhead. The strange thing about Jones’ incident is that there just so happened to be someone directly below him.

“It’s not something people need to start worrying about,” Hughes said. It’s a freak accident.”

He added that the snake was probably a rat snake, which is common in the area, is a snag, and could be large enough to escape from the grasp of a falcon. He also said that the injuries to Jones’ arm were most likely caused by the hawk, stating that a snake bite would not have caused it, and that no obstruction in the United States could cause that level of bruising and blood.

Jones told KPRC that she believes the hawk that swooped down on the ground ultimately saved her life.

“I think this was God’s way of letting me live because I couldn’t figure out a way – the serpent wouldn’t leave my arm,” she said.

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