Woman behind ‘unreal’ viral plane explosion has been identified, she’s real

Woman behind 'unreal' viral plane explosion has been identified, she's real

the American Airlines The passenger who famously declared “This damn thing is not realWhile on board a fllast month’s flight is, in fact, real person.

Discovery comes courtesy Solution from Bree A. Dail, which began by obtaining the accident report from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport police. After the women refused to speak with authorities and left, they discussed the incident with American Airlines supervisor Arlie Gonzalez, who stated that the woman got into an argument over the stolen Air Pods charge, which goes along with another passenger’s TikTok account at the time.

Gonzales served a verbal criminal notice of trespassing to a woman named Tiffany Gomas and was escorted out of the station by officers. Gonzalez explained that Gomas’ outburst justified the decision to deplane.

Gomas later received a written criminal trespassing notice when she was waiting for an Uber to arrive outside the station, but left before signing the document.

Dell discovered that Tiffany Gumas previously served as Vice President of Elevate Brand Marketing and was considered a “rising star” in the 2017 edition of Promotional Products Association International Magazine. She later founded her own company, Uppercut Marketing, LCC, which includes clients such as Xbox and Microsoft.

According to Dale, Gomas faces two pending charges: obstruction on board and criminal trespassing. She has erased her entire social media presence and avoided speaking publicly about her viral moment, but now that her life is an open book, that may soon change.

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