Guide to Bodyshaping With Very Large Breast Forms, Corsets, and Hip Padding

The bust, waist and hips: three areas to consider when you are creating an hourglass figure. You can build a shape that is proportional from one area to the next and that is also in harmony with the rest of your natural dimensions, if this is what you desire. Of course, you may not wish to alter the shape of your body with things like silicone breast forms or padding on the hips. But if you do, the following guidelines may help.

The Bust
While you may prefer to use cleavage enhancers or medical tape-and you have the loose flesh or developed musculature to make these work-another way to build the bust is with breast forms made of silicone or foam. For proportions to look right, crossdressers can look at cups in relation to band size. If you are smaller in frame and your band size is less than 38, a B cup may be fine for you. If your band size is 38 and above, a C cup generally works better. Those who prefer to be bigger in the bust can evaluate the effect of very large breast forms as compared to the shoulders, waist and hips.

To Buy
Prices will range from below $100 to over $400, and weight, shape and materials vary considerably. Breast forms that complement the masculine frame and are light, comfortable and realistic can be purchased at retail stores and online. Look for these options:

  • Silicone breast forms with a shell that you can use with a bra or topless; look for life-like nipples, soft silicone and a breast shape that easily creates cleavage
  • Very large breast forms made of silicone and available with a matching bra; these and many other breast forms are slightly concave against the chest wall for a better fit. Some are made with lighter weight silicone to provide comfort along with the jiggle
  • Naturally drooped breast forms with a realistic finish; these work in your bra and provide a life-like look and feel
  • Budget-friendly silicone breast forms with realistic nipples; not so many bells and whistles, but they work well and are affordable
  • Asymmetrical or symmetrical? Both options are out there.
  • Triangle breastforms made of polymer and available in B, C and D cup sizes, to work with bras built to accentuate the natural movement

The Waist
Corsets are the crossdressers’ apparel of choice when it comes to pulling in the waist for female proportions. Affordable, simple cinchers will pull the waist in by an inch or two. Reducing the waist further usually calls for a steel boned corset. These come in two styles: underbust and overbust. While lingerie manufacturers sell corsets, they are not all the authentic, waist-reducing “workhorses” needed to achieve the hourglass form. Shop with this in mind.

To Buy
The price range for waist reducing apparel varies. You’ll spend less for corsets sold at wholesale prices. If you are fine with a simple cinching corset, expect to pay between $50 and $300. If you need a steel boned corset, you can get a full corset that includes half cups or full cups, straps, or a corset made for the longer torso. Detachable garters and other features make corsets a fun, elegant or sexy addition to any ensemble, in addition to pulling in that waist.

The Hips
Padded panties are usually needed to create the bottom proportion of a feminine figure. It’s best to use padding that looks natural and provides a smooth silhouette.

To Buy
Pricing for padded panties is usually between $20 and $100 (and higher). Look for comfortable foam or silicone padding, and make sure that if the padding is silicone that it will function as you wish. You want the panty to fully support the weight of the silicone. You can also find these panties with compression fabrics to help pull in the waist and flatten the tummy area.

Pulling It Together
The right foundational pieces can make all the difference in how your clothes fit and, obviously, in how you feel. Whether you are wearing very large breast forms that bounce when you move or a gorgeous-and effective-lace-up corset, you can count on the right bodyshaping items to support a great feminine shape that looks good on you.

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