All That A Boat Needs For A Safe Voyage

All That A Boat Needs For A Safe Voyage

As refreshing as water is, water sports give us a similar refreshment not to mention the thrill and excitement of it all. Apart from fishing, two of the famous sports using boats include Tubing and Wakeboarding. Recreational activities as simple as fishing can take place on a boat. Snorkelling and SCUBA diving (for watching marine life) needs a well-equipped boat with sound marine accessories and marine benches on board. Though boats can be specially used for certain purposes some may opt to cater to all kinds of recreational activities. But one must remember that safety of the passenger lies with whoever owns or is in charge of the boat.

Needs For A Safe And Functional Boat

Every boat should contain safety equipment and every boat should be safe for travel, period. Functional life jackets should be available to each and every passenger. First aid supplies are a must on board and repair tools to avoid being stranded on water. Every jacket for every passenger should fit. The toolkit must have all necessary tools in case of an emergency breakdown. Good anchoring facilities and dock lines. Proper sun protection must be provided whether it be sunscreen, sunglasses, shawls or hats and appropriate clothing etc. Sound communicating equipment and a spare battery must be available at all times. Apart from the above marine accessories and other items, boats seats and boat canvas should also be thought of.

Types Of Boat Seats For Passengers

If you wish to carry more passengers on your boat consider having back to back benches where they can sit comfortably. Even leaning posts can be fixed for those who opt to stand during the voyage. You can also add a seat to the base of the leaning post. E-Sea Rider Tear Drop Bean Bag is a new type of design for marine benches or boat seat supporting your full neck and back. Other types of boat seats include folding seats a typical marine seat created to easily provide space when needed by folding it. Assurance of these seats being made of excellent material is a must. They should be fastened well to the body of the boat and must be checked regularly for any loose fittings. And good boat canvases of good material should also be checked for.

On or before the commencement of the voyage the person in charge should maintain a checklist of the above and check to ensure that everything is in its place. In addition, you can upgrade your boat by fixing a GPS system in case you go deep out into sea for diving or fishing purposes that your passengers would enjoy.

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