Two Ford Dealers Sold a Custom Mavericks and Claimed It Was a ‘Wrong’

Two Ford Dealers Sold a Custom Mavericks and Claimed It Was a 'Wrong'
Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick

with Stocks down During the height of the pandemic and hot new models from manufacturers like Kia and Ford attracting a lot of attention, factory custom demand is overwhelming. If something you want isn’t in stock or will be available anytime soon, why not order exactly what you want? But the idea backfired a bit, as customers came quickly realized these commands Does not mean anything Once the car got to the dealers. A couple of Ford customers in San Diego were recently reminded of this, like NBC San Diego They reported frustration with dealers selling Mavericks a la carte from under them.

Andrew Geers told NBC San Diego that he went to Mossy Ford in San Diego’s Pacific Beach area to place an order for a Ford Maverick. He says he put down a $500 deposit in April 2022 and, like anyone excited to get a new car, tracked the construction of his order from day one all the way until it was delivered to the dealer in March. When Gierz was notified that the truck was at the dealer’s, he called to find out when he could come in and complete the purchase. In a sudden confession, the merchant tells Geers that the renegade has been sold.

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“Unfortunately with Mr. Gears, it was a mistake we made,” admitted Cole Lowenfield, general manager of Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach. “Immediately when we found out we made a mistake, I reached out to him, and hopefully we can make it right for him and get him his dream truck, and we’re still working on that.”

How could such a thing happen? The dealer claims that when the truck arrived, instead of being put into special orders, the Maverick was put into the usual dealer inventory and that’s why it was sold.

Just over 20 miles from Mossy Ford, another customer was dealing with the same problem, at Aaron Ford in Poway.

Consolidated Allen told NBC 7 that his truck arrived the week of May 15, and when it did, the corporate office told him to wait two weeks before picking it up so the dealership could inspect and clean it. He said he called two weeks later and found the truck had already been sold to someone else.

According to NBC 7, Aaron Ford claims they tried to contact Mowahid to let him know Maverick’s arrival, but he never responded. NBC pressure The merchant by asking him about the method of communication he used. Unsurprisingly, they did not reply. Aaron Ford tried to get to Movahed by giving him $5,000 profit from his sale for him a truck.

What does Ford say about all this? As we all know, Hands tied When it comes to doing something about this kind of behavior from the trader. But, a Ford representative released a statement about the situation, as unanswerable as it sounds.

“Although Ford dealers are independent companies, the Ford Motor Company will work with its dealer network to ensure they are aware of customer issues. Most of the time, when dealers become aware of issues, they work with customers to correct them quickly — they understand the importance of offering both a sales and ownership experience. industry leader for customers,” the statement reads.

Gierz and Movahed’s stories are an unfortunate reminder that these custom orders don’t really mean anything at the dealer level. Once the car comes in, chances are, the dealer will do everything they can to sell it. Even if you have a signed purchase agreement, you need to act quickly. If the car is on a dealer’s land or lot costs them money, the longer they sit, so they want them gone and fast. Even Mossy Ford admitted that they only hold on-demand vehicles for 72 hours.

So let this be a lesson, to always remember to get a signed purchase agreement, and be quick to pick up your car. Unfortunately, just because You Bespoke ordering of this vehicle does not mean that the vehicle is exclusively yours.

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