Toyota calls the FJ Cruiser replacement, the mysterious CUV in its Land Cruiser launch

Toyota calls the FJ Cruiser replacement, the mysterious CUV in its Land Cruiser launch

All the hype around the new Toyota Land Cruiser has seen a rejuvenated icon in the updated 70 Series and a reborn icon in the return of the American market Cruiser. During a presentation on where the automaker plans to take the model, brand chief Simon Humphreys previewed the future icon. While Humphreys debated making the Land Cruiser more affordable and more accessible to people around the world, the slide appeared behind him with three shaded cars. Let’s start with the vehicle in the upper left that gives us the best image for identification. It looks like an upgraded version of the Compact Cruiser EV Concept from 2021—the concept is a flirtation with Toyota’s FJ Cruiser revival.

Buyers seem to have quite an appetite for the FJ Cruiser even though it died here ten years ago. Started with about $30,000 in 2014; displays sales This summer it’s at near or exceeding MSRP for anything less than 100,000 miles, even coming to about $45,000 or $50,000 for the Trail Teams version with less than 50,000 miles. If the silhouette in presentation was derived from the Compact Cruiser, the potential future version has been updated with a few more clip necessities; It sits higher off the ground on much larger tires, and wears a spare tailgate mount. Dimensions feel larger than the compact cruiser, too. Should the small cruiser return, we’re not sure if it will be electric-only as with the Compact Cruiser, or if Toyota will put ICE in the front bay.

The larger SUV on the right is even more fuzzy. It doesn’t have a traditional grille, which makes us think it’s battery powered, and the length makes us think it’s a three-row width. Its lines are reminiscent of those on the bZ5X concept, though it’s more noticeable in places like the deep scallops on the doors and perforated rear fenders. Frankly, the square proportions and stately tailgate make it look more like the rumored three-row Lexus SUV concept is the brand’s luxury version of the bZ5X perhaps called the TZ 450e or TZ 550e.

The last obvious disruptor, the three-wheel mobility scooter, undoubtedly all-electric and sort of all-terrain, one of the “new modes of mobility” that the Honshu brand has been talking about. Check out Humphreys’ comments starting at 18:26 in the video above.

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