Todd Chrisley filed a request to be released from prison and placed under house arrest, but it was denied, according to his lawyer.

Todd Chrisley filed a request to be released from prison and placed under house arrest, but it was denied, according to his lawyer.
Todd Chrisley on an episode of "  Chrisley Knows Best "  in 2020.

Todd Chrisley on an episode of “Chrisley Knows Best” in 2020.USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

  • Todd Chrisley’s request to be transferred from prison to home confinement was denied.

  • said his lawyer the people:”It is very unfortunate, and this matter is now being investigated.”

  • The reality star is serving a 12-year sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion in a Florida prison.

Todd Chrisley He asked to be released from his minimum security prison and placed under house arrest for the remainder of his sentence in Bank fraud and tax evasion Charges were dropped.

Talking to the peopleThe former reality star has filed a “CARES Act application to be released” from home confinement, attorney Jay Sorgent said. However, “his application, as well as a number of others—particularly his—were denied.”

“He introduced it, but the person who was managing it and in charge of processing it, decided she didn’t want to do it. And she decided not to,” Sorgent said.

“And then, the time limit for the application expired, so it was not given due consideration in terms of admission to home confinement or benefiting from some kind of pilot program.”

It was first introduced in 2020 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) Prisoners may be placed in house arrest at the discretion of the Director of the Bureau of Prisons.

Chrisley’s attorney said it was “extremely unfortunate” that the application had been denied, but that it was now “being investigated internally”.

Todd and Julie Chrisley in the eighth season of "  Chrisley Knows Best.  "

Todd, 54, and Julie, 50, were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion last year and began their prison sentences in January.Photo by Cythina Hicks / Getty Images

“We feel as though there is no reason why he should not be addressed, even in light of his prison term,” Sorgent added.

The “Chrisley Knows Best” star began his 12-year sentence at Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Pensacola, Florida in January, after he and his wife, Julie ChrisleyHe was Convicted of bank fraud Out of more than 30 million dollars Provide false financial statements To make them look richer than they were.

Sorgent’s comments come after the couple’s eldest children together Talk about “nightmare” conditions. in Their parents’ minimum security prisons.

on her podcast “Open with Savannah Chrisley” Savannah Chrisley and her brother Chase Chrisley They said that the facilities where their parents were being held were not suitable for this purpose. The siblings said the prisons had “black mold and asbestos” and snakes “slithering on the floor” in Julie’s case.

Chase also said, “They’re both in states where it’s over 100 degrees, and there’s no air conditioning.”

And Sorgent appeared to back up the claims, telling People that Todd and Julie “live miserably in 100-degree temperatures” in their private facility.

“Their living conditions, both of them, are in Pensacola, and she is in Lexington, Kentucky, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

Jolie is incarcerated at Federal Medical Center (FMC) Lexington, Kentucky, more than 650 miles – or about a 10-hour drive – from Todd Prison.

Court sketch of a man and woman with blonde hair sitting on a chair in a courtroom.

A court graphic shows Todd and Julie Chrisley listening in court as their accountant is sentenced on November 21, 2022.Lauren Lacey

Because prosecutors believe she played a lesser role in the years-long tax and bank fraud scheme, Jolie’s sentence is seven years.

Of their circumstances, Surgent said, “It’s not that they deserve special treatment because they’re celebrities. They just don’t deserve it.” “What we are saying is that they, along with the other inmates, deserve better treatment.”

He added, “We should not treat our prisoners the way we treat our prisoners at this time.”

The Bureau of Prisons objected to comments about conditions in the facilities.

In a statement to Insider, a representative of the federal agency said, “For reasons of privacy, safety, and security, we do not disclose information about the terms of confinement to any inmate or group of inmates.”

However, they added that all detained adults “have unlimited access to drinking water and that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) monitors ventilation at Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Pensacola and Federal Medical Center (FMC) Lexington, as one of our highest priorities is the safety of BOP staff.” and adults in custody.

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