This single workout has strengthened my entire body and I’m obsessed

This single workout has strengthened my entire body and I'm obsessed
    Sweaty topless man after a workout

Sweaty topless man after a workout

Since I was recently Switch from weightlifting to HYROX trainingI’ve been doing a bunch of new exercises that I wasn’t used to and I like to switch it up. I wrote about last week The workout that transformed my core (And no, it’s not a floor-based exercise like crunches or planks.) This week I was desperate to share the one-on-one workout that works the muscles of my entire body. After all, when it comes to working out, people these days want easy wins and quick fixes, and while this workout is definitely no This, it’s “funky” compound exercise It works on multiple muscles in the body. It’s fun, there’s no jumping (or barbells) and it’s a one-way ticket to building your strength.

The exercise I’m talking about is the sled push. “Sled pushes are an excellent full-body exercise that can help you build strength, endurance, and power,” he says. Farren MorganFounder Tactical athlete and PTI Service at Coldstream Guards. “The benefits of the sled push-up are enormous. It engages your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, and it strengthens your core muscles. It’s a great cardio exercise that also gets your heart rate up and engages the whole body. The resulting higher calorie burn is a great way to improve Your endurance because it challenges your cardiovascular system.”

A woman pushes a sled in a gym

A woman pushes a sled in a gym

If you’ve never tried this exercise before (or heard of it), it’s basically where you have your sled stacked weight plates Then push it a certain distance. It helps you burn calories, build muscle and strength, and the push-up motion can be transferred to everyday life as well. I respect that pushing the sled is not a piece of Home gym equipment We all just lied and you can achieve similar results by doing multiple exercises with a A pair of dumbbells. But, if you go to the gym and you have one and you haven’t used it yet, it’s a piece of equipment that I highly recommend. Especially if you are someone who likes variety in their training routine.

For my HYROX training right now, I’ve been doing 150kg push-ups for 30m, five reps, and I’ve already told my coaches that we include it in my plan forever, because I think it’s good. Some people like to push the sled with their arms extended forward, while others (myself included) like to bring their bodies a little closer to it. Either way is perfectly fine, whatever works for you. If you get the chance to try it out, do it! And if you do, here are some tips from Farren, on how to master it.

Top tips for mastering sled pushes

1. Choose a decent pair of shoes that provide good traction and support, such as a running shoe The best cross training shoes or the The best running shoes (We also have a guide to our picks The best training shoes Generally).

2. Aim to move the sled with your legs instead of your arms. Keep your knees bent, hips down and engage your core muscles.

3. If this is your first time trying a sled push, choose either no, or light weights, and aim to correct your form first.

4. Keep your chest up and your shoulders up to prevent slouching, which can cause poor form and increase your risk of injury.

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