People don’t buy Donald Trump’s interpretation of “I’m coming after you!” mail

People don't buy Donald Trump's interpretation of "I'm coming after you!"  mail

Donald Trump On Saturday he issued a defense of “I’m coming after you!” a threatAnd a lot of people don’t believe it.

After pleading not guilty to charges of conspiring to lie about the results of the 2020 elections and obstructing the peaceful transfer of power – Plus He is warned by the judge Not to attempt to influence or retaliate against witnesses – The former president delivers a An ominous warning on their website, Truth Social:

“If you go after me, I will come after you!”

The Ministry of Justice cited the position in Seek a protective order from the judge overseeing the election case, citing concern about the “horrific detrimental effect on witnesses”.

An anonymous Trump spokesperson later issued an explanation.

“The cited fact post is the definition of political discourse, and was a response to RINO, dishonest and China-loving special interest groups and super PACs, such as those funded by the Koch brothers and the No Growth Club,” the campaign announced.

The alibi of the GOP front-runner, who has been charged with three charges, has pushed the needle on a BS scale for many users on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“I’m trying to sell a bridge over there,” someone wrote.

“Someone got a call from his lawyer,” said another.

Skeptics also pointed out that the threatening Truth Social post appeared right at the top of the page videoDubbed “Welcome to the Scam Squad” by Trump, he lashes out at those suing him for his legal frivolity.

Check out some of the critics’ responses here:

Trump has done it time and time again behold in revenge for the current series of indictments against him.

In another post this week, Trump books: “The Democrats don’t want to run against me or they won’t do this unprecedented weaponization of ‘justice’. But soon, in 2024, it will be our turn. Maga!”

he is too subscriber Clip of Fox News host Jesse Waters’ warning:

Do not think for a second that he will not let all his political enemies be called to hell. This is only the beginning of politicians putting other politicians and their families in jail. It’s sad that we had to go down that road but that’s where we are and now we have to finish it.

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