New details emerge after a shocking video shows a riverside brawl in Alabama

New details emerge after a shocking video shows a riverside brawl in Alabama

Four arrest warrants have been issued in connection with a riverside brawl in Alabama, with more likely to be issued pending a thorough review, according to Maj. Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department.

Shocking video captured the tumultuous scene that erupted Saturday as what appeared to be a minor disagreement escalated into a violent clash in Montgomery. The incident, which took place at the Harriot 2 Riverboat mooring area, involved a group of whites striking a black worker in a riverboat, an exchange that sparked a massive fight. accident since then The virus has spread And it ignited discussions about race.

In a series of videos, Krista Owens has recorded the tense moments that occurred when the argument over docking space began.

Owens, who was aboard the Harriott II Riverboat, said the boat had just finished a dinner cruise and was trying to dock, only to find a small pontoon boat occupying the exact spot.

“There were a few young men and two women who got off the boat and apparently ignored the captain’s request to move,” she said.

One of the riverboat crew, recognizable by his white shirt, intervened and managed to move the pontoon boat several feet, clearing a way for the riverboat to dock but was then confronted, quickly leading to a physical altercation between the riverboat operator and an angry, shirtless man. .

One crew member was simply trying to maintain order, Owens said.

“Our crew was trying to explain over and over, you know, we asked you to move so we could get fit,” she said.

As tensions mount, a group of pontoon boat passengers confront the riverboat crew member, eventually resulting in an intense fight.

“It got a little nervous, but then you see punches and our crew who’s just trying to do their job get punched by these very angry guys,” Owens said.

Amidst the chaos, a separate video showed other riverboat passengers rushing to the scene, some even swimming, in an effort to help the outnumbered crew members. At one point, a man is seen picking up a white chair and hitting several people with it, including a woman. Eventually, law enforcement intervened to stop the altercation and took several individuals into custody.

Montgomery Mayor Stephen Reed he said in a statement The police soon arrested “several reckless persons involved in attacking a man who was doing his job”.

“This was an unfortunate incident that should never have happened. While our Police Department investigates these intolerable acts, we should not be susceptive to any kind of violence in our community. Those who choose violence will be held accountable by our criminal justice system,” Reed said. .

Reid said police will hold a briefing on Tuesday to give an update on the situation.

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