Mr. Beast’s burger company is fending off the YouTube star with over $100 million

Mr. Beast's burger company is fending off the YouTube star with over $100 million

Ghost Kitchen running MrBeast Burger ran into Jimmy Donaldson, aka YouTube megastar . Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) alleges that Donaldson and his company Beast Investments (BI) failed to comply with contractual obligations, such as undertaking promotional work, and that they “materially damaged” its reputation. VDC is seeking damages of more than $100 million pursuant to which published the news for the first time.

“The VDC alleges that the actions of Mr. Donaldson and BI have materially damaged the reputation of MrBeast Burger and the VDC, alienated customers, broken hard-won relationships with vendors and suppliers, harmed hundreds of restaurants across the country and around the world, and caused damage to the VDC. VDC, according to the evidence of the Violation Documentation Center (VDC) and estimates by Mr. Donaldson himself, is in the nine-figure range.” in the current situation.

Donaldson against VDC and its parent company last week. He sought to end his partnership with them, citing issues including the “disgusting” and “inedible” food. The original lawsuit alleged that VDC caused “irreparable material harm” to the MrBeast trademark. Donaldson also claimed that the VDC had generated millions of dollars in revenue but “never received a dime”.

in that VDC claims Donaldson made “disparaging comments” against the company and MrBeast Burger. He cites several tweets (some of which appear to have been deleted) from YouTube, including claims that he wants to shut down MrBeast Burger and that “the company I’m involved with won’t let me stop even though it’s bad for my brand.”

“This case involves a social media celebrity who believes that his fame means that his word doesn’t matter, that facts don’t matter, and that he can back out and breach his contractual obligations without any consequences,” the VDC alleged. “He’s wrong.”

Mr. Beast Burger is primarily used , which VDC specializes in. Ghost Kitchens do not have dedicated storefronts (although some operate out of existing restaurants) and only fulfill orders for delivery or pick-up. When MrBeast Burger’s first physical location opened in New Jersey with Donaldson and his crew in attendance last September, More than 10,000 people Back.

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