I’m Generation Z and I make $6k a month in passive income – here’s how I do it

I'm Generation Z and I make $6k a month in passive income - here's how I do it
Drazen_ / Getty Images

Drazen_ / Getty Images

Robin Lim I turned twenty this year He earns up to $6,000 a month in passive income.

golden goose hunter-focused website, Hunting sensei, which receives about 25,000 visitors per month. Lim, who started his venture with just $500, provided an identification and detailed financial statements to prove his age and earnings.

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“I built Fishing Sensei in just one year from scratch to become one of the leading fishing spots,” he said.

The site currently ranks first for many important keywords, which is critical to its business model, as Lim will explain.

“Basically, every article I write is pretty much guaranteed to rank,” he said. “Here’s how I did it. “

Hunting passion becomes successful marketing

Lim makes money by writing and posting articles with affiliate links to products such as fishing rods, reels, baits, and other fishing gear.

He said: “For me to make money, of course, articles must rank on Google.” “So I do search engine optimization (SEO) for articles to rank, and when visitors click through to read my articles and buy the products I recommend, I get a percentage of the sale as commission.”

Lim also monetizes ads from Mediavine, a premium ad network. “Although this is only 10% of my earnings,” he said.

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At first, there was nothing negative about it

Lim started in 2022 with $500 which he used for web hosting, domain name, keyword research tool and some other miscellaneous expenses like buying links.

“From there,” he said, “the first thing I did was build the site, which took about a week.” “This entailed creating the home page, choosing website colors and fonts, building the legal pages and disclaimers and back-end stuff like a content delivery network (CDN) and setting up domain email.”

At first, he worked on site for six to eight hours a day.

“After that, I spent another month writing my first 10 articles to fill out my site and make it Google-ready,” he said. “This took three to four hours a day on weekdays and four to six hours on weekends.”

Then he spent three to four hours a day building connections.

“Once that was done, I started doing business articles,” Lim said. “These were news articles. It takes longer to create these because of the research that goes into them. I take about a week for each article, so I was publishing four articles a month.”

Hours paid become dollars withdrawn

During this last phase, he spent three to four hours a day on weekdays and six to eight hours on weekends – but then the hard work began to pay off.

“From March 2022, it took me four months to get my first bit of money,” he said. “It was July, and I made exactly $153.87 that month. Since then, I’ve simply continued to write and post four articles a month and build links along the way.”

Here’s a look at how its profits grew once the site hit its stride:

  • August 2022: $672.36

  • September 2022: $951.43

  • October 2022: $969.87

  • November 2022: $1,114.14

  • December 2022: $2,343.97

  • January 2023: $2,289.64

  • February 2023: $2,874.43

  • March 2023: $3,548.39

  • April 2023: $5,138.07

  • May 2023: $6,439.73

  • June 2023: $5,544.36 USD

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The side hustler becomes a business owner

Fishing soon outgrew Lim’s ability as an individual, and he had to expand.

“I was writing all the articles myself every month until January 2023,” he said. “I hired a clerk, who cost me $1,000 a month.”

Other expenses are just hosting, domain name renewal, site speed tools, CDN, Google Workspace, and link purchase, which adds up to about $1,000 annually.

“It wasn’t until around December that she started spending more money,” Lim said. “So really, it takes less than $500 to start a successful website.”

Diligence and perseverance lead to hard-earned success

You don’t need a lot of money, but you do have to be willing to put in the work, and for Lim, the biggest challenges were time and motivation.

“Having to work and do it at the same time meant I had to spend all my after-work hours on this,” he said. “I made the most of every available moment. If I was traveling on the bus or train, I would either research or write articles, and once I got home I would take a quick shower, eat and continue working on my laptop.

In terms of motivation, I’d say, first of all, it’s hard to find the energy to do this after a long day at work. But also, writing isn’t exactly a great deal of fun, at least not for most people, so I felt pretty exhausted from having to. to juggling work and my website. However, I knew it took a hit to be successful, and I forced myself to work and did whatever it took.”

While Fishing Sensei was his first real success, it wasn’t his first attempt at an entrepreneurial endeavor.

“Honestly, I have been a hustler since I was young,” Lim said. “Since I was 16 I have tried selling on Carousell Ads, Dropshipping, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and even MLMs. None of them worked, and I’ve already spent close to $5,000 testing all of these ways to make money. Every time I fail I had one method, I was going to move on to the next because I knew that only by exhausting each method and finding all the ones that wouldn’t work, I would be able to get rid of them and eventually end up with a method that worked.So I kept searching the internet for a new method each time. Nobody fails at it until I stumbled upon this method, SEO, which was actually after two failed projects with MLMs. I won’t say I was inspired by anything, just motivated to never give up and keep trying.”

In the end, perseverance pays off and William catches some very large fish.

He said, “I make $3,000 a month in the lowest months for me.” “And it took me exactly a year to make it happen.”

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