Experts say Judge Trump is “bold” to punish his witnesses to the attacks

Experts say Judge Trump is "bold" to punish his witnesses to the attacks
Donald Trump Frederick J Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Donald Trump Frederick J Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Legal experts have warned that former President Donald Trump could face court sanctions after he launched a series of Truth Social posts targeting Special Counsel Jack Smith, the judge overseeing the case, and potential witnesses at his upcoming trial.

Trump has repeatedly attacked his former Vice President Mike Pence, who recently said he would “obey the law” if he was required to testify in the Trump conspiracy case, in which he is accused of trying to sabotage the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“I have no intention of testifying, but, look, we will always obey the law. But… I don’t know what path this indictment will take,” Pence said. He said During a CNN interview that aired on Sunday. “The president has the right to be presumed innocent. He has the right to present his defense in court. But actually there are deep issues about this, relating to the First Amendment, freedom of speech and the rest. I’m confident he and his attorneys will sue all of those things.”

The day before, Trump headed to Truth Social, writing, “Wow, it finally happened! Liddell, Mike Pence, the guy who was about to oust him as governor of Indiana until I came along and made him his vice president, has gone to the Dark Side.”

“I never told Pence (not based on his poll numbers of 2%!) to put me above the Constitution, or that Mike was “too honest,” the former president continued. “He’s delusional, and now he wants to show that he’s a tough guy. I once read a great magazine article about Mike. He said he wasn’t a very good person. I was surprised, but the article was right. sad!”

On Monday, Trump targeted Pence again after his remarks.

“I didn’t say anything bad or even slightly inappropriate about Liddell’ Mike Pence,” he said claimed. “What I did was make him, over the many people who wanted it, the Vice President of the United States. Treachery in politics is alive and well. MAGA!!!”

While Trump appeared to have a negative read on the news of Pence’s willingness to testify, criminal defense attorney John Lauro claimed that “Pence will be one of the best witnesses we have at the trial.”

“I read his book very carefully, and if he testifies consistent with his book, President Trump will be acquitted,” Lauro said and expect Sunday during an interview with ABC News.

Trump over the weekend also blasted US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, the federal judge randomly assigned to his case, asking that he step down and move his trial out of left-leaning Washington, DC.

Trump books on its platform, Truth Social. “Everybody knows this, and it is! We shall at once order that judge to be dispensed with on very strong grounds, and likewise for a change of venue, if DC (sic)”

“Keep talking. You’re begging the judge to hit you.” warned National Security Attorney Bradley Moss.

Harvard legal scholar Lawrence Tribe tweeted that Trump’s plan appeared to “rejoice if he gets away with dashing witnesses in defiance of the judge’s orders” and “to play the victim and make the judge’s life hell if you imprison him for enforcing her mandate.”

“You must call the coward’s bluff.” chirp.

“Trump dares a shotkan to enter a gag order,” argued Barb McQuaid, a University of Michigan law professor. “

“With social media posts criticizing Pence, the witness in the election interference trial, Trump dares Judge Chutkan to issue a gag order,” she wrote. “If you give an order, he will smile. But if you refuse to do so, Trump will intimidate witnesses with impunity.”

The plaintiffs in the Trump election case already did Requested Chutkan for a protective order, following a threatening statement Trump made on Truth Social last Friday.

“If you go after me, I will come after you!” he books.

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“The order — which differs from a so-called gag order — will limit the information Trump and his legal team can share publicly about the case brought by special counsel Jack Smith.” News agency male,

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who served on Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s team, told MSNBC that “any other defendant who did that, and he was facing six counts of obstruction of justice… I think he’d be remanded in custody, which means he’d be sent to jail.” They have to await trial in prison.”

Attorney Karen Friedman Agnifelo wrote in an editorial that over the course of “the former New York Attorney General’s three decades, I have never seen a defendant treated as leniently as Defendant Trump.”

“He has a rap sheet with 3 open indictments, 78 counts, in 3 separate jurisdictions,” she wrote. “He has repeatedly threatened prosecutors, judges and potential witnesses and has his superjumbo 757 ready to fly anywhere in the world and can flee at any time. The nature of the charges against him are among the most serious – he is accused of stealing our nation’s most sensitive secrets, and attempting to destroy evidence of his crimes.” , fraud in the Oval Office, causing a violent insurrection to try to steal an election he lost, and our democracy. Imagine if he were black or Muslim, no doubt he would be imprisoned pending trial.”

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