Donald Trump’s former attorney believes Jared Kushner sold out his father-in-law in the third indictment

Donald Trump's former attorney believes Jared Kushner sold out his father-in-law in the third indictment

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The third indictment of Donald Trump this year has many people speculating about who provided evidence about the former president in his efforts to do so. We flip the results of the 2020 elections. Well, one former Trump administration insider thinks he has an idea and is spilling some serious tea in Washington, DC.

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Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump Proposal CNN reported that Jared Kushner could be the anonymous “cooperating witness” in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 45-page dossier. It’s no secret that Kushner was His father’s right-hand man During his time in the White House – if anyone knows what Donald Trump is up to, it’s him. There are six unnamed “conspirators” in the indictment, but the media has been too busy trying to identify these people rather than focusing on the “cooperating witness”.

“You don’t see anything about Jared Kushner,” Cohen said. Jared Kushner’s secretary was everything. How is it not listed here? He was there, he was on Donald’s lap, the whole time, from the day Donald entered the White House until the day he left.” That’s when the homicide attorney began his allegations about Kushner’s role in the indictment. He said, “I believe He is likely a cooperating witness.”

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Cohen thinks Kushner will sell his father-in-law “on a whim” for a rather sinister reason. “Do you think Jared is different from Donald?” question. “You think Donald wouldn’t throw Jared under the bus in order to save himself. The answer is an emphatic yes. If this claim is true, the Trump family dinner will be a rather rough affair.

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