An evangelical leader rips Trump apart and says his supporters are now ‘looking for another candidate’

An evangelical leader rips Trump apart and says his supporters are now 'looking for another candidate'

exclaimed a conservative evangelical leader in Iowa Donald Trump on social media over the weekend, then hosted one of his main rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

Bob Vanderplats, president of the conservative organization Family Leader, shared a conspiracy-filled message from BlazeTV host Steve Deiss attacking Trump for his actions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This, and more, is why @realDonaldTrump supporters are looking for another candidate,” Vander Platts wrote. “The facts don’t align with the repeated rhetoric. This is the #quagmire.”

He also shared a photo of himself with Florida State. Ron DeSantiswhich currently sits in a distant second place three times Trump in the polls in the Republican primaries:

Vander Platts has been increasingly speaking out against Trump, saying in spring That Americans are “exhausted” from the ex-president’s play on the past.

“I think they want to turn the page on the leader of the next generation, someone with a compelling vision that might unite America around things that actually bless America,” Hill told NewsNation.

This trend continued on X – formerly known as Twitter – over the weekend, as it was Sunday Vander Place called Trump About “F-bombs and the mockery of people with disabilities”.

And last week, Take a survey It showed nearly half of Trump voters were open to someone else, saying he thought the true number was higher. He said Trump’s supporters told him they still loved him, but “they don’t think he can win.”

Vander Platts has never officially endorsed Trump, but has voted for him in both 2016, 2020, and wrote an editorial on his behalfAlso in 2020, According to CBS News.

Along with hosting DeSantis, Vander Place He also praised last Republican rivalAnd Vivek Ramaswamyl Politico column in which he said Trump delivered “just another story of grievances, an oppression complex that has swallowed up much of the Republican Party entirely.”

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