A drowning owl in a backyard pool scoops it to safety just in time

A drowning owl in a backyard pool scoops it to safety just in time

An animal rescuer on Long Island, New York, swooped in to help a drowning owl earlier this week.

“rescued!” Strong Island Animal Rescue League books In a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The Suffolk County nonprofit said it received a call about an “owl that was drowning in a pool” and “immediately set out” to help.

Video footage shows the head of the rescue group, Frankie Floridia, catching an escaped bird or its prey from the water with a long net and placing it inside a plastic tub for transport.

12 Long Island News reported That bird was taken from the Commack, New York, backyard Sweetbriar Nature Center in smithtown care.

Several people who commented on the post on Facebook wondered why the homeowners didn’t take out the distressed owl themselves. the The group responded that he does not “ask questions” when someone asks for help with an animal, adding, “These guys were good people who wanted to help the owl.”

Last month, the owl was banned I saved from a similar situation in a Florida pool and was treated for injuries by a wildlife rehabilitation clinic in Sanibel.

To prevent animals from drowning in swimming pools. The Humane Society of the United States recommends: Fencing off swimming pools and installing “water exit” devices, such as a floating ramp, that can help animals out.


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