A Florida doctor left a pie in his office fridge overnight. It is now a criminal case

A Florida doctor left a pie in his office fridge overnight.  It is now a criminal case

Southwest Florida chiropractor Kent Messer was looking forward to digging into his homemade coconut muffin on Tuesday morning when he went to work at Coastal injury centres in Fort Myers.

But when the doctor searched for the treat he had left overnight in the fridge, it was gone — and so was a collection of valuable supplies.

That’s when he realized he had been mugged.

I had very simple goalsMesser told local television station NBC-2 News, adding that the candy container contained a few crumbs. “I just wanted to get to the office, get my piece of my pie, and get on with my day.”

According to the incident report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to action at 10:30 a.m. indicating a major robbery and robbery had already taken place.

Messer reported that one of the two drawers was left open as well as a cabinet door, and she quickly noticed items that were “naturally organized left in disarray.”

After he looked in the fridge and saw his wife’s $5 pie had been eaten, he realized the office had been burgled, according to the report.

Also missing was a $125 metal-hinged transport bag filled with a $1,500 bundle of medical equipment.

The entry point was likely the emergency exit door in one of the treatment rooms, the report said, which noted that the exterior of the building next to the door showed “fresh signs of trepanation.”

The pie pirate, if found, would be charged with burglary of a vacant dwelling, a second-degree felony.

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